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3D scanning capabilities

3D scanning is used in various situations where you need to get the most accurate data as quickly as possible:

3D scanning capabilities

When planning repairs

In preparation for reconstruction

When you need to assess the technical condition of real estate during its purchase or sale

When checking the accuracy of the work of builders at any stage

When it is planned to change the floor plan and transfer any structures

When installing industrial equipment or installing furniture

With the legal division of real estate

3D scanning is the fastest and most accurate method of obtaining the information a designer needs. It is necessary not only for further reconstruction, but also for the control and monitoring of every even the smallest detail or sample, as it allows providing the most detailed volumetric and topographic information.

Conventionally, 3D scanning can be divided into several types.

3D scanning of buildings and facades

The technology of 3D scanning of real estate objects helps in a short time to carry out facade surveying, measuring work and building inspections. With laser scanning, you can quickly and easily monitor the design and construction process, perform architectural measurements and calculate precise surface areas.

Visualization plays an important role in the design or restoration of facades and interior spaces. It is not always easy to get an idea of ​​the design of a building using only blueprints. Thanks to 3D scanning, you can fully convey the sense of form, space and volume.

3D scanning allows you to convey the color of all interior elements in daylight and artificial lighting. With its help, you can convey all the nuances that were conceived by the designer.

лазерное сканирование фасадов

Сканирование исторического фасада
To create a design project, it is enough to make a flat pattern of the walls, tables of materials. Also, you can submit rough sketches. Specialists who work with 3D visualization of interiors can create 3D tours and video clips for various objects. They are often looking for partners to implement their design solutions. We implement projects with the passage of expertise, the creation of a 3D model of a real facade or interior. We have our own equipment with which you can create a 3D model from a small nut to a huge sports complex. The best equipment for large infrastructure facilities – faro laser scanners, and for individual parts (from inlay to jewelry) – RangeVision

3D scanning of industrial facilities

Laser scanning of industrial facilities allows you to optimize the expansion of production, install new or reconstruct old equipment in a limited workshop space, make an inventory (certification) of equipment, and restore project documentation.


3д сканирование

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3D scanning of objects of historical heritage

Laser scanning is an important part of creating digital copies of heritage sites. We digitize, in various formats, monuments, buildings, interiors, decorative elements, not only of objects of historical heritage.

сканирование храма

Defense Church in Ternopil region


Christian church in Crete

лазерное сканирование замок Свирж

Svirzh Castle, Lviv region

лазерное сканирование церкви

Church in the village of Polonia, Lviv region

Stages of work

Stages of work

First stage

preparatory, when a specialist receives a technical assignment. At this stage, a work execution plan is prepared, the cost and time of work is determined.

Second stage

consists in the direct collection of information using the appropriate equipment at the facility, according to the work execution plan.

Third stage

processing of the received data. It includes the creation and provision of the customer with the result of work in the format specified in the terms of reference

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