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Laser scanning and modelling Ukraine.

Modern technologies of 3D scanning and creating 3D models have entered our lives for a long time – they are used in almost all areas of life.

Our company offers services for engineering scanning of buildings, facades, streets, apartments, residential and non-residential premises, industrial facilities, marine structures and ships, cultural heritage sites, we create 3D models, BIM models, drawings, we perform various geodetic and design work.

In addition, an important area of ​​our activity is reverse engineering, which consists in 3D scanning of parts of any size (from a few centimeters to several meters) and the preparation of all design documentation for its subsequent production on CNC machines or 3D printers.

We are an authorized reseller in Ukraine of the RANGEVISION trademark. Here you can buy, get advice, order training on scanning with RANGEVISION equipment.

We work anywhere in the world, we have extensive experience in various fields. We guarantee the security and confidentiality of our clients’ data.

  • When performing the following jobs, laser scanning, and related products, can save a lot of time and money:
  • Measurement work.
  • Restoration of project documentation.
  • Detection of mismatches.
  • Reconstruction.
  • Estimation of the volume of materials.
  • Restoration of facades or other decorative elements.
  • Urban planning.
  • Comparison of the design and actual positions of the object.
  • Development of visualization of appearance.
  • Preservation of cultural heritage.
  • Transfer of the object to the information modeling (BIM) environment.
    We work anywhere in the world, we have extensive experience in various fields. ScanyWell offers a wide range of products and services:
  • Geodetic survey of territories.
  • Creation of a planned-high-rise justification of construction objects.
  • Creation of a planned-high-rise justification of construction objects.
  • Removal in nature of the characteristic elements of the construction object.
  • Stakeout and fixing of building axes.
  • Executive shooting of any elements of a construction object.
  • Calculation of the volume of soil, excavation, etc.
  • Facade photography of buildings and structures.
  • Determination of deformations and rolls of structures.
  • Creation of an orthophotomap of industrial sites (factory, combine, etc.).
  • Creation of precise surfaces of a quarry, section, quarry, channel, etc.
  • Geodetic support of road construction.
  • Creation of 3D models of buildings.
  • Creation of 3D models of characteristic elements of structures.
  • Laser scanning of buildings.
  • Creation of orthophotomaps of facades of historical buildings.
  • Architectural measurements of buildings (inside and outside in a single coordinate system).
  • Visualization

Laser scanning and modelling Ukraine

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