Questions from practice


Most common questions

  • Dimensional drawings and photographs of the object of work.
  • You only need a point cloud or model.
  • Point cloud format
  • Format of a 3D model of an industrial facility, requirements for layers.
  • Requirements for dimensional drawings
  • Desired coordinate system of the object.
  • Requirements for the detail and accuracy of the survey.

It is necessary to provide data on the scope of work, the degree of detail required, terms of completion, location of the object, photographs of the object. The price of each project is calculated individually and may depend on additional factors.

We work all over the world, on land and at sea. We promptly leave, quickly perform scanning.

Yes, of course, all our projects are subject to expert review.

  • Architecture
  • Technological solutions
  • General plan
  • Metal structures, reinforced concrete structures, wooden structures, structural calculations
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    Water supply, sewerage, treatment facilities, storm sewerage, drainage
  • Power supply, power electrical equipment, electric lighting
  • Low-current systems (radio, telephone and others)
  • Automation of engineering systems
  • Construction management projects
  • Estimated documentation

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