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Where is aerial photography used?

Aerial photography services

Where is aerial photography used?

Measurements of area and volume

Orthomosaic creation

Field mapping

Creation of digital elevation models (DEM)

Aerial photography is a photo and video shooting, processing of the obtained photos and, as a result, the ability to perform various measurements using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Aerial photography is used where other methods of obtaining information about objects are not effective, take a long time or are in places dangerous for finding a person. For example, linear objects of great length: roads, railways, various networks (oil and gas pipelines, power lines or hard-to-reach objects located at a height or swampy, etc.)

Aerial photography allows us to take pictures with high resolution, we use a drone with an 8K camera. To obtain results using aerial photography, the experience and training of the pilot and the engineer who processes the survey results is important. Many fly, the results are received by a few. Set tasks, and we will complete them.

Stages of work

First stage

preparatory, when the specialist receives the necessary information about the object with which he has to work. At the same stage, the selection of positions for installing the scanner takes place.

Second stage

consists in the direct collection of information using the device.

Third stage

processing of the obtained data, as well as the creation and provision of the work result in a form convenient for the customer with a full analysis of dimensions.

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