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Our services in geodesy

Geodesy is the most important stage in the new or reconstruction of buildings, industrial workshops, land management, in the mining industry and other industries.

Our services in geodesy

Executive geodetic survey

Layout and layout of building axes, layout of building axes

Geodetic works during construction

Deformation observation

Monitoring of power lines, railway tracks

Geodetic works in the construction and repair of roads

Binding of buildings to a topographic survey at a scale: 1: 500-1: 2000

Order geodesy from us. The ScanyWell company performs all types of geodetic work. All work is carried out by certified personnel using modern, verified equipment. We understand the importance and responsibility for the result of the quality of the geodetic survey.

Stages of work

First stage

Preparatory, when a specialist receives a technical assignment. At this stage, a work execution plan is prepared, the cost and time of work is determined.

Second phase

It consists in the direct collection of information using the appropriate equipment at the facility, according to the work execution plan.

Third stage

Processing of the received data. It includes the creation and provision of the customer with the result of work in the format specified in the terms of reference

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