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Design in 3D

We carry out various projects in 3D

Design in 3D

Reconstruction and restoration of historical heritage monuments

Repair and new construction of roads

Repair and new construction of networks

Connecting equipment to networks

Renovation and new construction of residential and industrial buildings

Replacement of the existing heating and hot water supply system

Executive documentation in 3D or 2D

Energy passport of buildings and structures

rarely, in the process of overhaul, not only replacement is carried out, but also complete or partial redevelopment of communication lines (electrical, water and sewer, heating systems, etc.).

An additional complexity for all of the above procedures is created by the fact that a certain degree of material fatigue has accumulated in the structure of the bearing walls and foundation, which should be taken into account when designing a major overhaul of buildings.

Benefits of 3D design for major renovation of buildings

Unlike the construction of a new building, during major repairs, it is necessary to take into account the actual state of the supporting structures and the impact on them of communication lines (air ducts, pipelines, etc.).

3D design allows you to create in the shortest time a volumetric drawing with the exact location of communication lines and an indication of their logical relationship. In fact, the technology of volumetric design allows you to create an information model of a reconstructed building.

Moreover, the software shell, in which the capital reconstruction project is created, automatically changes all the details of the drawing connected with each other, which significantly reduces the time spent on the project.

Other benefits of 3D design:

Creation of a project in three-dimensional space with the ability to visualize all the details (communication lines, doors, windows, etc.);
The ability to track the entire cycle of a building from one reconstruction to another or until its disposal as a whole and its individual structural elements;
High speed of creation of the final project and minimization of the probability of making a mistake;
Combination of various sections at the level of technical standards.

Benefits of a 3D project when passing technical expertise

Recall that in Ukraine, the technical expertise of the project should provide answers to the following answers:

1.Does the project comply with the current technical regulations?
2.Does the project comply with the established estimate standards and town planning regulations?
3.Has the technical task set before the start of the design has been fulfilled?

The building information model, created using 3D design, allows you to quickly and accurately get answers to all of the above questions. This means that the technical expertise will take place as quickly as possible, which will shorten the construction time in general.

Stages of work

First stage

preparatory, when the specialist receives the necessary information about the object with which he has to work. At the same stage, the selection of positions for installing the scanner takes place.

Second phase

consists in the direct collection of information using the device.

Third stage

processing of the obtained data, as well as the creation and provision of the work result in a form convenient for the customer with a full analysis of dimensions.

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