3D Modeling: An Engineer's Point of View

Today it is extremely difficult to meet a person who has never heard of 3D modeling. Just look at at least one Hollywood blockbuster in order to get a general idea of ​​3D graphics.

True, in the vast majority of people knowledge of three-dimensional models and remain at the level of vivid pictures of Hollywood movies. But the ability to create three-dimensional objects is much more than the development of spectacular color images.

What is a digital object model and how expensive is it to create?

Let's discover a little mystery: Hollywood film companies spend millions of dollars to create a virtual reality. For this sum, specialized companies create models of people and animals that can not be distinguished from real ones.

And you probably thought that our services would be just as expensive. But this is totally wrong. You will be surprised, but 9 out of 10 of our clients are small and medium-sized companies, which with our help have solved their production and construction problems.

The advantageous prices for services of our company ScaryWELL TM, explained simply: we do not create an ideal exact size copy of the object, but its digital model. In fact, this is a three-dimensional drawing with some additional features. For example, with the functions of motion of individual parts of the mechanism, the aging of the material, and hence the changes in its operational properties, etc.

Moreover, having the necessary software at its disposal, building a three-dimensional digital model is a bit more complicated than building a functional table in Excel. And we have such software. In particular, we will use the Faro x330 to create models of large architectural objects, such as a shopping and entertainment center or stadium. While for the development of small items, such as necklaces or incrustation, the RangeVision Pro program is best suited.

Your advantages of cooperating with our company

What benefits and benefits do you get from cooperation with our company ScaniaWELL TM?

You get a three-dimensional "portrait" of your product, which can be viewed from all sides: from the side, from the top and even from the bottom. You can scale the model we have created, showing not only its entirety, but also its individual details, nodes and mechanisms. This is a very useful feature during the presentation, especially if you do it before the specialists.
When creating a digital model, we operate only with real data and indicators, on the basis of which the behavior of the product is modeled under different operating conditions. So, for example, Japanese architects are using a digital skyscraper model to check how strong it will be in earthquakes.
The digital model we have created significantly accelerates the passage of various technical expertise. After all, most of the answers that are sought by an expert are already laid down in the digital object model we created.

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