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Today, any user - from novice designers - to designers and researchers can take advantage of a variety of innovative solutions for the subsequent re-creation of the object through 3D printing.

3D modeling technologies are characterized by many advantages. Today, they are actively using advanced industrial companies around the world. Reengineering allows:

Reduce the time of parts and units manufacturing.
Reduce the cost of manufacturing parts and components.
Mobilize the whole process.

In order to see the future object realistically, on the monitor screen, it is precisely the development of a 3D project with the help of special innovative equipment and software. With its help, the customer will be able to find out how the object will look at a certain amount of light and weather conditions. It allows you to understand whether the selected colors and materials are combined, which means that you can adjust the budget for the construction.

In order for the project solutions to be successfully implemented, it is necessary to turn to the designers who can both design with the expertise and scan. At the same time, they must have the proper equipment, which can create a 3d model from a small nut to a huge sports complex. Professionals use faro x330 - equipment for large infrastructure objects, and for individual parts (from inlay to jewelry) - RangeVision Pro.

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Our company offers engineering scanning services for parts, buildings, facades, streets, apartments, residential and non-residential premises. Creating 3D models.


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