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To facilitate the work of the designer to a large extent can the application of 3d scanning. Various device models are used to perform this procedure, depending on the type of object. Scanners can be divided into facade and interior. Their main difference is in the distance to the recognizable objects.



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Engineering 3d scanning is the fastest and most accurate method of obtaining information necessary for the designer. It is necessary not only for further reconstruction, but also for monitoring and monitoring of each even the smallest detail or sample, as it allows to provide the most detailed bulk andtopographical information.



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A big plus is the ability to extract accurate data without changing the schedule of work in a building or a building


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Another plus is the price of economics for an hour, because of the technology that is used for allowing us to repair the installation of any repair work on the objects.


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 The third plus is saving money, because scanning allows you to avoid costly design decisions.



Using 3D modeling

3D modeling is used in various situations where you need to get the most accurate data as

quickly as possible:


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road When planning repairs

skyscrapers In preparation for the reconstruction

property When you need to assess the technical condition of the property during its purchase or sale

home When checking the accuracy of the builders at any stage

waypoint When it is planned to change the floor plan and transfer any structures

room When dividing new premises

scaleIn the legal section of real estate


3D modeling for a designer is by far the most accurate automated way to get voluminous digital facts for construction and



Stages of work

Work has three simple steps.

zoomFirst stage

- preparatory, when the specialist receives the necessary information about the object with which he is to work. At this stage, the selection of positions for the installation of the scanner.

gearsSecond stage

- is the direct collection of information using the device.


codeThird stage

- processing of the data, as well as the creation and presentation of the result of work in a convenient for the customer form with a full analysis of dimensions.


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