3D design: simple, fast, profitable

Previously, architects and engineers spent 90% of their working time on building drawings of products and buildings. After all, they had to go through one plane of the watman exactly and correctly, that is, so that the drawings could be read by other specialists, to convey the three planes of the details or structure at once, to describe all its dimensions and even the features of the work.

Therefore, before the invention of personal computers, entire departments of research institutes only did what created numerous designs of new machines, engineering and buildings.

Today, in order to create all the necessary package of drawings, you need only one not the most powerful computer. Moreover, there are various software tools capable of reproducing a three-dimensional projection of a product, mechanism, building, anthropogenic object, etc., or even their detailed digital model.

Moreover, the digital model is not a picture that is displayed on the screen. The digital model allows you to show how the mechanism will work in reality, or tell about the life cycle of a building until its disposal or before its first major overhaul.

3D-designing from simple to complex at a great value

Our company TM ScanyWELL, provides a full range of services for 3D-designing of objects of any complexity. In particular, we:

We create a three-dimensional model of products, mechanisms, buildings, roads and territories, adjacent to them. The model can be both static and dynamic. In the latter case, the created model will demonstrate the work of the mechanism and the nature of the movement of its individual parts;
We conduct, if necessary, a technical examination of products, mechanisms and other objects. Our team has certified specialists who are able to issue a qualified expert opinion.
Our company ScaniaWELL TM, owns all the necessary software to quickly and accurately create a three-dimensional model and a small mechanism, and a huge trading complex. So, for the development of 3D projects of large infrastructure objects, we use the Faro x330 program. But when creating bulky models of small items, such as jewelry, we work with the RangeVision Pro program.

And do not think that our services will be too expensive for you. 97% of all our works belong to the budget class. Most of our clients are small and medium-sized companies, which with our help solve their production tasks: introduction of new products, optimization of space around industrial or commercial facilities, laying new communication lines inside buildings or open areas.

Join us and your customers. By cooperating with us, you can quickly, qualitatively and at a very modest fee be able to solve many production tasks for the introduction of new models of their products.

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Our company offers engineering scanning services for parts, buildings, facades, streets, apartments, residential and non-residential premises. Creating 3D models.


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