Capital repairs of buildings

Implementation of projects and passing expertise in the overhaul of the building

The overhaul of residential and non-residential buildings includes the restoration of all worn-out structural elements or their full replacement with the exception of load-bearing walls (frames) and reinforced concrete (stone) foundations.

Often, in the process of overhaul, not only replacement, but also full or partial redevelopment of communication lines (electrical, plumbing and sewer, heating systems, etc.) is performed.

Additional complexity for all the above described procedures is created by the fact that a certain degree of material fatigue has accumulated in the structure of the load-bearing walls and the foundation, which should be taken into account when designing a major overhaul of buildings.

The advantages of 3D-design in the overhaul of buildings

In contrast to the construction of a new building, it is necessary to take into account the actual condition of the supporting structures and the impact on them of communication lines (ducts, pipelines, etc.).

3D-design allows you to create in the shortest time volume drawing with the exact location of the communication lines and an indication of their logical relationship. In fact, the technology of volumetric design allows you to create an information model of the reconstructed building.

Moreover, the software shell in which a capital reconstruction project is created automatically changes all the related details of the drawing, which significantly reduces the time spent on the project.

Other advantages of 3D design:

Creating a project in three-dimensional space with the ability to visualize all the details (communication lines, doors, windows, etc.);
The ability to track the entire cycle of a building from one reconstruction to another, or to its disposal as a whole and its individual structural elements;
High speed of creating the final project and minimizing the probability of making a mistake;
The combination of different sections at the level of technical standards.
The benefits of a 3D project when passing through technical expertise

Recall that in Ukraine the technical expertise of the project should provide answers to the following answers:

1. Does the project comply with current technical regulations?
2. Does the project meet the established estimated standards and town planning regulations?
3. Is the technical task set before the start of the design carried out?
The information model of the building, created using 3D-design, allows you to quickly and accurately get answers to all these questions. This means that technical expertise will pass as quickly as possible, which will shorten the construction time as a whole.

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