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Modern technologies of 3D scanning and creating 3D models have come into our life for a long time - they are used in almost all areas of life.

Our company offers engineering scanning services for buildings, facades, streets, apartments, residential and non-residential premises, industrial facilities, offshore structures and ships, objects of cultural heritage, we create 3D models, BIM models, drawings, we perform various geodetic, design works, surveys.

In addition, an important area of ​​our activity is reverse engineering, which consists in 3D scanning of parts of any size (from a few centimeters to several meters) and the preparation of all design documentation for its subsequent production on CNC machines or 3D printers.
We are an authorized reseller in Ukraine of the RANGEVISION trademark. You can buy from us, get advice, order training on scanning with RANGEVISION equipment.

We work anywhere in the world, we have extensive experience in various fields. We guarantee the security and privacy of our customer data.



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star3D scan

We produce laser scanning of various objects. We scan and deliver to the client a registered point cloud for further work with him..

like3D model

We create 3D models of different levels of detail that meet the specific needs of the client. We can convert the point cloud into Revit, ArchiCAD models in accordance with the terms of reference and specifications

barcode2D model

The presence of a point cloud of the object allows you to create high-precision floor plans, facade drawings, sections in various formats and with varying degrees of detail and content.

rocketBIM model

BIM is building information modeling. The fourth dimension-specification, fifth-time and sixth dimension-value are added to the 3D model of the object.

3D scanning



In industry

Allows you to find damage, deviation and destruction, fit the equipment into a given volume, design networks to connect the equipment.

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Real estate

Creation of 3D and 2D models of buildings, facades, preservation of cultural heritage

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3D scanning of parts - reengineering

Reverse engineering services. We create accurate models of various parts.

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3D design




Hardware installation

We make 3D projects for the installation of any equipment (including on ships) in a given space.

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Capital repairs of buildings

3D and flat (2D) projects for overhaul or reconstruction of buildings.

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Road and sidewalk design

With us you can be sure - we will not miss a single centimeter of the scanned space - the error is no more than 2 mm.

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BIM models

Create a BIM model of varying degrees of detail (LOT100 - LOT500)

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The FARO Focus3D S 350 HDR is, a high-speed 3D scanner with extra-long range. It can scan objects up to 350 meters away even in direct sunlight, delivering realistic and true-to-detail scan results.

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RangeVision Pro 2M

Professional 3D scanners RangeVision PRO allow you to scan with high detail as a miniature (less than 3 cm) and large objects (from 1m or more). The same scanner is used to scan for jewelry, medium-sized parts and car bodies.

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RangeVision Pro

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About Us

Our company offers engineering scanning services for parts, buildings, facades, streets, apartments, residential and non-residential premises. Creating 3D models.


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st. Bratislavskaya 14-B, of.7, Kiev 02156, Ukraine

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